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Courses on Demand

New: Wooden Dummy form


  • Step by Step explanation
  • Practice of the flow
  • Practice of drills
  • Learners will be tested for
    • Correct execution of hand technique
    • Footwork
    • Structure
    • Energy transfer

Wing Chun Kyun Hand Form

Each Set 36€

  • The Form, explained step by step
  • San Sik Exercises for developing power and speed
  • Exercise with a tool to understand how the form works
  • Exercises with a partner to sublime and increase the applicability
  • Sensitivity drills to use motions at the right time
  • Tips for sparring for a better practice
  • Everything in 4k Quality
  • Course Language: English

Kung Fu Fit


  • Three workouts at one hour
  • Everything in 4K Quality
  • Access to our basic workouts for the beginner in three levels
  • The workouts include basic stances and basic structure
  • The workouts are split into stability, dynamics and plyometrics
  • Based on Southern Chinese Kung Fu according to a current scientific and physiotherapist view
  • Course Language: English

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